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Collagen Vital PowerCollagen Vital Power is one of the best collagen drink that can help you to stay young, healthy and beautiful. Aging healthy preserves young appearance. From 30 years old, our cells slow down their collagen production. Fighting visible signs of skin aging, joint discomfort or loss of muscular mass, Collagen Vital Power revives beauty and balances your body structure from within with 10 g daily intake of true booster for your health capital and wellbeing read more..


EKF Diagnostics’ DiaSpect Tm is the world’s fastest hemoglobin analyzer. DiaSpect Tm delivers laboratory quality results in just about one second of the microcuvette being placed into the analyzer.



EKF Diagnostics’ Quo-Test® analyzer has been designed for easy and reliable HbA1c measurement for the monitoring and management of diabetes in a point-of-care setting such as diabetes clinics and doctors’ surgeries.

We search the planet and dig Mother Nature to find the best natural sources and we combine the most pure natural ingredients in specially designed formulas to present top quality Health Supplements and the finest Skin Care products to help in improving the quality of your life and to help you live a healthy life.


Bel Clinic Global Cosmetics, S.L. Was founded in 1998 to provide beauty professionals with products of exceptional quality. Currently active in several countries of the different continents and began to market treatment cosmetic products designed for use by professionals of aesthetics and their subsequent treatment at home. Bel Clinic Is located in the village of La Garriga, in an area noted for its therapeutic Mineral and thermal waters, among the most renowned in Europe, and the home Of fine luxury spas. Bel Clinic has its own research and production team, and at its laboratories it is Constantly developing new products.