Advanced Natural Health Products

logo (3)We at ANHP (Advanced Natural Health Products) are bringing innovation to reality with the aim to become the market leader in supplying consumers that take an active role in their well being with a wide range of wholesome natural health products carefully tested through proven science. The creation of ANHP came from the hectic urban lifestyles of the 21st century. Finally a Vitamin, Mineral and Supplement product line that is based in the balanced richness of natural ingredients carefully chosen to offer remarkable results. The modern era has brought challenges for our health, more and more of us live in urban areas, where congestion, stress, pollution and lack of time are part of everyday life. We have little time to eat balanced meals, we eat on the run, or we do not eat.


logo41PuraLife philosophy is to take its responsibility to help people to improve their quality of life, by bringing the new technologies and inventions in medicine and healthcare near to the people. We are mainly focusing on adapting new and unique products and build up business partnerships with companies which can add new value and introduce remarkable benefits to the healthcare professionals and consumers. We believe that by taking this part in human service, this will be reflected on improving the life style of people in regions where we can be functioning and expanding our activities.

PuraLife has a range of unique products to satisfy the growing needs of the health professionals and the consumers. These products are being developed and manufactured according to the highest international standards.